Mrs. Barnett

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Torrington Middle School

Mrs. Barnett      8th Grade Language Arts     


Welcome to Eighth-Grade Language Arts!

Responsibilities as a Student:

  • Be respectful of yourself and others.
  • Be in your seat ready to work when the bell rings.
  • Complete all assignments on time according to the directions.
  • Do your best in class and on all assignments.
  • Ask for help if you need it.
The Distinctions:  

These concepts guide our classroom work:  Acknowledgment     Commitment     Communication    Cooperation     Individuality     Respect     Responsibility     Risk     Support     Trust    

Materials for Class:
Blue or black ballpoint pens (2)     Spiral notebook for English only     English folder for handouts                Reading book (as requested)

Homework includes reading, writing, taking notes, and studying as well as responsibility for maintaining progress on long-term projects.Homework will be assigned almost every night and will be checked daily. A zero will be recorded for work not completed.  In cases of illness or family crisis, please just send me a quick note or e-mail.  Please remember completing homework on time will help your student master the material and contribute to their success in class.

10% Participation     10% Homework     40% Writing Assignments & Projects     40% Tests & Quizzes

Late/Missing Assignments:
 Handing in assignments on time is critical to your personal and academic success.  Students will be asked to call home if material is not turned in on time, or I may phone/send a note to the parent directly.  If missing/late work becomes an issue, parents and student will be asked to come in for a conference.  In addition, the grade for late writing assignments/projects may be reduced by one letter step (e.g., B to B-) each day. If you have printer issues the night the assignment is due, please e-mail the paper to me at or submit the paper before class on Google Docs.  You can then print a copy in study hall to turn in.

 Extra Help:  I am always available to provide extra help during Study Hall or after school by appointment.  The critical thing is to ASK for help if you need it!