Mrs. Cassady
Welcome to Sixth Grade Science!
The Sixth Grade Science course at Torrington Middle School is intended to provide the student with a basic review of the fundamental relationships between multiple sub groups of Science. The course will incorporate Earth Science, Physical Science, and Life Science in accordance with the new frameworks adopted by the Connecticut State Board of Education: the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). Students will need to utilize individual and group skills to achieve the goals set for the class. Each student will be challenged to develop an appreciation of the scientific method in order to understand how scientists apply concepts through technology to solve important problems and answer fundamental questions about problems of a scientific nature. They will perform experiments, collect and analyze data, interpret results, draw conclusions, and communicate their findings. I like to have the students be in control of their education, and grow to be an active learner. The goal for the course is for students to gain a more meaningful understanding of the living world around them.

Please visit the following links to review current topics:

Plant Cells Review

Animal Cells Review

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