Course Overview and Grading

Seventh Grade Science Course Outline                                    Ms. Ewart

 Current Unit

Earth Science:

          -Rocks vs. Minerals

                   -Types / Characteristics of each          

                  -Similarities vs Differences

          -The Rock Cycle

                    -Igneous / Sedimentary / Metamorphic

                   -Human Impact





                   -Changes over time/ Evidence

          -Layers of the Earth


          -Continental Drift

                   -How the surface of the planet has changed over time…

                   -Why has it changed?

                   -Where/what is our evidence?


                   -Types of Seismic Waves







           -Age of the Earth

                   -Where is our evidence?



Physical Science:

          -Simple Machines

                   -6 types

                   -Examples and uses

                   -Incorporation in complex machines


                   -What is it?



                   -Examples and uses

                   -How energy changes from one form to another

Life Science:

          -What is life?

-Characteristics of life

          -Levels of organization-from atoms to organisms


                   -Plant vs Animal

                   -Types of Organelles / Organelle Functions

                   - Cell Processes- Cellular Respiration / Photosynthesis

          -Cell Division

                   -How a single cell makes more cells

                   -Mitosis – steps

          -Body systems

                   -Respiratory System

                   -Circulatory System

                   -Digestive System

                   Frog Dissection

                   -Excretory System

                   -Skeletal System

                   -Muscular System

                   -Outdoor activity

                             -“Feel the Beat” – activity connecting Circ. and Resp. Systems


-1-inch binder        -pen   -pencil         -highlighter            -reinforcers


 TMS Science Department Grading Framework:


40%- Assessments/Projects- Examples: tests, quizzes, performance tasks, research projects engineering projects, final models…


30%- Labs/Activities


20%- Scientific Communication- Examples: Group work, classwork, exit slips, initial/ongoing models, discussions/responses, peer feedback, participation in small/large group discussions ...


10%- Independent Practice-Examples: homework, tool checks, notebook…