Course Description and Grading

The 7th Grade Course “World Regional Geography – Eastern Hemisphere” will continue to build upon concepts and skills begun in the 6th grade “World Regional Geography – Western Hemisphere” course.  As technology and communications improve, students will need to be prepared to become “citizens of the world” and understand how physical and human geography has change and how cultures have adapted to become what they are today.  Students will also need to develop the skills to work cooperatively and communicate their ideas clearly.

The main content of the course will be covered using key figures through history in all areas of the Eastern Hemisphere.  Students will examine the key figures using primary and secondary resources documents, as well as maps, art, music, data (charts and graphs), food, etc.  These key figures include, but are not limited to:  Confucius, Buddha, Jesus, Mohammad, Emperor Meiji, Gandhi, Mao, Mandela, and Malala.  Students will examine each through the lenses of the figures’ economic, political, and social impact on the Eastern Hemisphere and the world. 

Grading: Each trimester will be scored based on the criteria listed below:

  • Homework – 10%
  • Class Participation – 10%
  • Tests – 30%
  • Projects – 30%
  • Quizzes – 20%