Class Overview


·     Whole Class Mini-Lesson on a Problem Solving Strategy (make a model/picture, find a pattern, make a chart/graph, find a pattern, work in reverse, write an equation, estimate/guess and check).

·     Last 15-20 minutes of class, students will collaborate in small groups about the Problem Solving Weekly Homework Problem (due on Friday). Students need to select a strategy to plan a solution and preserve.

Tuesday – Thursday:

Skills practice (multi-digit whole number operation, operations with decimals, and operations with fractions).

Students will self-assess where they are on the Jigsaw Student Rubric and complete the self-reflection sheet on their perseverance on the weekly problem.
tudents will share their strategy for the Problem Solving Weekly Homework Problem and explain their thinking with a small group.
As a whole class, selected students will share how they solved the problem and what problem solving strategy they used.