Mr. DiPasquale

Ciao a tutti! 

Welcome to the TMS page for Mr. DiPasquale's Italian classes. 

For the 2018-19 School Year: 

Italian 8: Periods 1, 5 and 6 
Italian 7: Periods 3 and 4 

I am very excited to continue teaching the fantastic Italian language and culture at Torrington Middle School! 

Language learning opens many doors of opportunity for students. While students increase their proficiency in a new language, they build self-confidence and gain valuable grammatical skills that will help them become more effective communicators in their native language. 

Additionally, studying a world language and culture helps broaden students' cultural awareness and provides a more inclusive world view. This is vital for student success in the 21st century. 

Many four year colleges require the study of a world language for admission, and most will look favorably upon applicants that have completed a "sequence" in a world language during middle and high school. 

Italian classes